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A great alternative to plastic & sweets yet still affordable.  All party bag items come with a velveteen pouch and Junior Geo fact sheet.
"A fantastically original and affordable party bag present and extremely well received by all the children.
It's nice to know that you are giving something which they will keep".
Caroline Beeney, London.

Party Bags

Gemstones Party Panning Kit

 An image of Gemstones Party Panning Kit

Our gemstones party panning kit is a great activity for any child's party.
Each child fills up a pouch with gemstones by searching through sand and water using the sieves provided.

Included in the Kit:

  • 2 metal sieves
  • 10 collecting drawstring pouches
  • 400g small tumbled gemstones
  • 3KG bag of sand

Note that you will also require a suitable container such as a bucket or plastic storage crate to use for this activity.



For 10 people
Currently out of stock

Tumbled Gemstones Party Bags x 5

 An image of Tumbled Gemstones Party Bags x 5

A selection of tumbled gemstones in a velveteen pouch with identification guide.

This is a really simple party bag idea but it is bound to be remembered for being different.

Each party goer receives a small velveteen draw-string pouch filled with tumbled gemstones. They also get a card which has a selection of small gemstone examples on it to help identify the stones in the pouch.

Available in packs of 5.

Various tumblestones are supplied and these might include tiger-eye, sodalite, amethsyt, clear quartz, carnelian, rose quartz, agate, jasper plus others.

Drawstring Pouch Size: 7 x 6 cms.
Identification card: 8.5 x 7.5 cms
Tumblestone size: 2-3 cms. Typically each pouch will contain 10 tumblestones but this varies depending on the size of the stones.

Currently out of stock

Sparkly Things Party Gifts

 An image of Sparkly Things Party Gifts

The idea for Junior Geo's party bags evolved from personal experience.

For our son's 6th birthday we asked him to choose some minerals to give to his friends as their leaving presents.  He loved loved selecting the specimens, and the party-goers received them with great excitement.

Amazingly, one parent recently told us that their child had still got the crystal they received from a party nearly 2 years ago!

The kit contains a total of 10 items, two of each mineral variety.  All items come with a velveteen pouch and a fact sheet.

Sizes are variable but the items fall in the range of between 4-6 cms.

Items included: Amethyst x 2, Quartz Crystal x 2, Fools' Gold x 2, Agate geode x 4 (mixed colours), Velveteen pouches x 10, Fact sheets. 
NOTE:  Not suitable for children under 5 years old.

Currently out of stock

Agate Geodes Party Gifts x 8 mixed colours

 An image of Agate Geodes Party Gifts x 8 mixed colours

8 mixed coloured agate geodes. Each comes with a velveteen pouch an d fact sheet


Size range: 40-60mm.




Size range: 40-50mm.
Currently out of stock

Agate Slices Party Gifts

 An image of Agate Geodes Party Gifts x 8 mixed colours

A pack of 10 or 20 mixed colour slices.

Each slice is supplied with a pouch and fact sheet.
Approx slice dimensions: 7 x 4 cms.

They will be thrilled with this original party bag filler idea.
Best of all these are really good value as each item works out at just £1.90 each for 10 and £1.75 for 20.

Colours include:

  • Natural
  • Pink
  • Blue
  • Teal


Fossil shark teeth party gifts

 An image of Agate Geodes Party Gifts x 8 mixed colours

This party bag set contains 10 of our ever-popular 50 million year old fossilsed shark teeth.

Each tooth comes with a velveteen pouch plus Junior Geo fact sheet.

Available in small and large size.






White Paper Party Bags x 10

 An image of White Paper Party Bags x 10

Bag size: 210 x 180mm
Currently out of stock

Small Tumbled Gemstones Card

 An image of White Paper Party Bags x 10

A card displaying 15 small tumbled gemstones.

Each stone is 0.5-1.0 cm.

  • Single Card: £1.00
  • 5 Cards: £4.50
  • 10 Cards: 8.00

Card Dimensions: 8 cms x 5 cms